Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

“You & Me & Everybody else: structures and projections”

3 slide projectors, 3 plinths, slides with words projected at the doors in the space. Installation with built structure, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm 2009.

Lights by Peter Wahlberg.

Two projectors in a dialogue with an “I” and an “You”, the auxiliaries “should”, “would”, “had”, “could”, “might” and “were” and their negations. Projected in turns at a double door, leading outdoors. The projectors are operated by a timer and their mechanisms makes a sound in the space.
One projector with the indefinite and demonstrative pronouns: “one”, “all”, “anyone”, “everybody”, “they”, “it” and the above auxiliaries, projected at a single door, above a small step, leading to the attic. The projector may be operated by visitors. The structure is built in old and new wood and boards. It is held together with different things: screws, strap bands, hinges, fittings, and notches. Built to barely balance, it stands in the space between the projectors, lighted from three different angles. The lights are steered by time relays in the way that it gives different, changing and overlapping shadows at the opposite wall.

you and me1  you and me-detail1

you and me11

you and me -projectors

you and me-projector-detail