Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

R 220, a selection by Guillaume Bijl 1995 HfbK, Hamburg.


In a room divided into three smaller spaces, I am given the middle space. It has two openings confronting each other and the visitor have to pass through it to see all three of the exhibitions. The space is kept empty except from a light-projection showing two words: fruchtbare and furchtbare - (fertile and hostile) - which moves slowly over the floor between the openings. It is projected from a place on the wall slightly over the structure that divides the spaces. The two words are consisting of the same letters, the only difference is the placement of the ”r” and the ”u” in the first syllable. The ”e” at the end of each word points to a word that might follow, which in the case is rather to find present in the context as in the text. Of importance are also the openings, referring to passages, the scale of the human being and the possibility of an encounter.