Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Hallen/The Hall 1992-94

Joint projects by Malin Lobell and Maria Bjurestam.

An apartment-gallery. Gothenburg, Sweden. Exhibiting artists: Cecilia Wendt, Karin Ögren, Andreas Roth, Lars Paalgaard, Stein Rönning, Malin Lobell/Johanna Etherton, Maria Bjurestam/Stefan Karlsson

The HALL was located in the hallway of the apartment we shared during our studytime in Gothenburg. The exhibition-space was 5 square-meters with white walls, black stone floor and spotlights. Some of the exhibitors chose to use also other parts of the apartment. The invitations were distributed through the use of the free postage cards then provided by the Swedish Postal Office, used for notifying change of adress. We found the situation for art in Gothenburg limited and at a standstill at that time. There were not many spaces showing art, alternative as commercial, and this situation formed the starting-point for the project. Different question emerged, for instance; How does one receive an unknown visitor in one’s home and how far is the visitor willing to delve into another privacy? What might happen with the expectations one has at an art-work when the exhibition-space shifts from a public gallery to a private home? Invisible borders altered, expanded or diminished, depending on how much of the physical space the exhibition claimed.

Hallen-Andreas Roth

Andreas Roth. Change of kitchen cupboards. Coloured MDF board.

top:lobell_etherton.bottom:Roth   Hallen -Stein Rønning

Top left: Joanna Etherton/Malin Lobell. Soundbox. Sound from clicking camera. Bottom left: Andreas Roth: Noticeboards and chairs. Right: Stein Rønning. Bronze sculpture.