Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

View - a place for contemplation. 1998

Competition proposal. One of fifteen accepted out of 395 proposals. Model 1:20

Water is life-giving, power-generating, death-bringing. The water destroys, decomposes, waters, feeds, chokes, purifies. The water which was before a prerequisite for the industrialization, now rather functions in a leisure-area. The area is visually rich and full of nuances. VIEW is planned to function as the japanese pavillion with a gardenview, a place for seclusion and contemplation. The pavillion is placed in the water and the visitor access it over a small bridge. The glassed opening frames the view. The proximity to the surface of the water is important and exaggerated through the continuation of the glassed openings in part of the floor. In the proposal there is no roofing, as the intention is that the "inside" and the "outside" should intervene. The bridge might be longer to enhance the feeling of sitting far out on the water. The "diving board" functions as a perspective, a visual connection between "inside" and "outside" but also as a mental challenge, adding tension to the view.