Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Notice-board 1996. Hochschule f. Bildende K√ľnste, Hamburg

DIN A4-sheets of paper, pencils, string

In the staircase of the HfbK, I randomly pin fifty sheets of paper on the notice-board. To every sheet there is a pencil attached to a string of circa thirthy cm lenght. The sheets are pinned to the board with white-headed drawingpins. The pencils are made of natural wood The following weeks I observe the notice-board, how many sheets that have been written on and how many pencils there are still left. After twenty-seven days there is only one pencil left, and the sheets of papers have completely integrated in the layers of time at the notice-board. I write a text where I describe my action, dated and signed with my name which I put it in fifty copies on the notice-board. It is to be left there for an unstipulated lenght of time. I remove nothing. The notice-board as a place which refers to activities, events and encounters existing and happening somewhere else but in itself functions as a meeting-place. The space of the board is created from what is not physically there. Time gets visible and suspended at the same moment in the layers of information that constitutes the space, where the future, the present at what is passed coexist.