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Wood structure with paper vellum blinds, slide projector, slide, painted word, projected animation, light and filters. ID:I gallery, Stockholm 2009

A structure parts the space diagonally, balancing from a corner as a frail echo from Richard Serra’s corten steel plate. It is painted grey and fitted with paper vellum blinds, which can be moved up or down. Projected on the left wall are a stuttering stream of words, [but, as, if, can, it, or, to, so], whose meaning lies between and beyond. On the floor to the right of the structure a slide projector, arrested in a projection that covers a small part of the floor and wall. It reads “but if”, the text situated at the rim, as if standing. Painted on the front wall as a faint light, is the word “beyond”. Slightly above is an amber shaded spotlight. The space is neither light nor dark, as the fluorescent tube is filtered grey. Limbo was made at ID:I gallery in conjunction with Mona Petersson’s exhibition “Jag ser inget, jag tittar”. Light by Peter Wahlberg and Maria Bjurestam

limbo   fast om

fast om


animation eller   limbo