Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

”I, Here, This…” Stockholm march 2000

Plasterboards 240 x 90 cm, dimension variable.

The work has its startingpoint in the § 410 in Wittgensteins ”Philosophical Investigations”: ”Ich” benennt keinen Person, ”hier” keinen Ort, ”dieses” kein Name. Aber sie stehen mit Namen in zusammenhang. Namen werden mittels ihrer erklärt. Es ist auch Wahr, dass die Physik dadurch charakterisiert ist, dass sie diese wörter nicht verwendet.” The words I, here, this, were set in clear, reflective plastic letters on the plasterboards, whereas nobody, nothing, place, is, name were sawn out in the boards. Residues from the workingprocess, pieces resembling quotation marks, placed on the floor around the boards. The work was shown at the IASPIS-studios in march 2000 as part of an open house event. In the room the visitors also could enjoy to play a game of Scrabble.


I,Here,This -detail