Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

To find oneself – a sculptural project

”If you show me yours, I’ll show mine” Linköping & Tomelilla 2001, Sundsvall 2002. Exhibition with Katinka Ahlbom, Malin Lobell and Anna Persson.

Material & size variable

The work consists of words painted on the floor and walls of the exhibiton-space. The words should be experienced as a part of the building, as a light or a shadow. The size of the text is adjusted to the actual space and other works in the exhibition. What the visitor first passes are the words ”in here” and ”in there” placed by the entrance. In the exhibitionspace(s), ”somewhere else”, ”everywhere”, ”before”, ”beyond” will follow. Just opposite, placed on two facing walls, ”other side” is placed and on the floor ”you are standing here”. The same statement can be read at a wall a bit further away. Words denominates, refers to and generates physical sensations and mental processes. The visitor may be engaged in questions of expectations positions, and significance.

You standing


here, there

andra sidan