Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Room 1995 Valand Spring exhibition, Gothenburg City Gallery.

Plasterboard, wood, iron-fittings.

In a space, ca 6 by 7 meters, I build screens or parts of walls in a labyrinth-like way. In the plaster-boards I saw out words: Erfara - (to experience) - föreställa - (to imagine/represent) - begripa (to understand) - varsebli - (to sense/perceive) - bilda - (to form/cultivate/construct ). When moving in the room, other meanings, connotations and contradictions appear: (er)fara - (danger/travel) - för(e)ställa - (to displace/disguise) - (be)gripa - (to grasp) - (var)se-bli - (to sense/see/observe-to become/appear) - bild(a) - (a picture). As one looks through the openings which form the words, they mix with each other, with the space itself and occasionally with other visitors. Hinting to an ongoing building-process, I leave stacks of unmanufactured boards leaned to the walls of the space.