Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Hyllor/Shelves 1992-93 A non-realized installation.

MDF-board, laquer-paint. 12 units 50x183x150 cm. Model 1:10.

Twelve units of shelves standing in a room ordered in three rows, approximately 130 cm wide. The visitors are free to move among the units. Every unit is individually designed, the positions of the shelve-planes are determined by using a system of lines within the proportions of the unit. In order to place the planes where I wanted them, I had to outwit the system. A play between ordered chance and will. In the installation there is a play between the moving subject, the gaze and the shelve units. Through a set of slanting shelve-planes the look is sometimes obstructed at different distances, thus creating a visual wandering. The experience of seeing trough, being obstructed and seeing parts of a whole in effect of the different sized openings while moving eye and body in space.