Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Installation. A proposed project for Halle K3, Kampnagel, Hamburg. 1996

Four rooms, each ca 5x6 m, and a wall construction of 25 m. length.

The installation takes the actual construction of the exhibition-space in Halle K3 as its starting-point. I see K3 as a gradually built up space, from the outer shell of the factory hall, which also contains other spaces, towards a definition of spaces but not enclosed rooms. The installation consists of an addition of four rooms with ceilings and a wall construction. In the Rooms I have worked with the openings, passages and the movement of the visitor. The placement and size of the Rooms makes it difficult for the visitor to walk around them as is the conventional way to approach a sculptural object. The only way to fully experience the Rooms as three-dimensional is to walk into them. In the greater part of the hall I have interferred with wall that obstructs the look and makes it impossible to grasp the space as a whole. In that sense it connects to the forms in the Rooms and also bring in a reminder of the spaces in the factory hall outside of Halle K3 into the exhibition-space. The openings, passages and the obstructed gaze plays an important role as well as memory and a certain lack of visual stimulation.

Installation proposal

Installation detail