Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Passages & Projections. Galleri 54 Gothenburg 1999

Lightprojections, room. Plasterboard on wooden structure, paint, logospotlight

The gallery has three rooms in a row, the middle room has no less than five openings, connecting to the hallway and the other exhibitionspaces. In the first room the word "nothing" is projected on the floor in a slow movement crossing diagonally. In the middle gallery a room is built that fills almost the entire space and blocks three of the five openings. Through one of the three openings in the built room, the visitor can enter a small place where he/she can see part of the outside of the installation and the ceiling of the gallery can be glimpsed. The visitor must pass through the built room to access the last exhibition-space. In this room, which is the smallest space, the word "everything" is projected in the same way as in the first room. All spaces have natural light, the rooms with projections have white blinds covering the windows. The movement of the visitor is changed and directed through the blocking of some passages and the opening of a before closed off door. To break up a practiced habit, to close off natural passages and open up not so evident ones. Through the words projected, meaning and associations might occur in the empty rooms when the visitor passes through the installation.

passages and projections

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