Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Apartment 1994, Gothenburg and Malmö. An exhibition in vacant apartments

MDF-board, wood, laquer-paint.

The apartment empty, emptied, waiting. A zone inbetween moving out and moving in, a passage. I remove four of the six doors in the empty apartment and replace them with white-laquered boards, constructed after the measures of the door-openings. The boards are placed leaned to the wall next to the corresponding opening. In the hallway, between the ”public” space of the living-room and the kitchen, and the ”private” of the bed- and bathroom, I place a sculpture resembling a treshold, also white-laquered with high finish. It is two centimetres higher than an ordinary treshold. Enough to provoke a decision to be made or you run the risk to stumble. Many people stumbled. The sculpture as a memory in your body.

Artists in the exhibition: Ernst Billgren, Peter Hagdahl, Gunilla Hansson, Henrik Håkansson, Stefan Karlsson, Clay Ketter, David Krantz, Maria Lindberg, Andreas Roth, Jörgen Svensson, Anders Widoff.