Maria Bjurestam - art and projects

Spaces 1992- Ongoing project

(see "Eingang/Eingehen" and "Passages & Projections")

Models, drawings, installations, proposals

Series of rooms or passages with openings. The movement of the visitor is directed and changed due to different sets of openings and their placement. The spaces have no other light than what comes through the openings.

The placement of the openings changes the character of the space. Some parts with no openings might be perceived as “redundant” or even overseen because of the lack of light. When the rooms are installed (see “Entrances” and “passages and projections” 1999), the openings might be blocked by the enclosing architecture of the exhibition space. The number of the openings also change the perception of the space, how open or closed off it may appear. When does a space seize to be spatially contained, and begin to disintegrate to a passage?